Class Dojo Has Become A Leading Learning Platform That Is Successfully Improving Education

There has been a communication problem in the educational world for a long time, where in most cases there is a strong disconnect between parents and students as well as teachers. For many parents, this is because they have a busy schedule, between errands and work. While this is understandable, it has an effect on the students and their learning, and even worse is this can create a sense of no community and the students end up feeling like they are on their own. Thanks to the launch of Class Dojo, this has been changing to great effect in schools all over the U.S. with their uniquely aimed educational platform. Class Dojo’s focus is on communication and building the school community into a more positive and fun experience for teachers, parents, and especially students.

Class Dojo’s founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, found their inspiration for Class Dojo when they saw the declining conditions of schools all around the country and hard testimonies from various teachers. One of the biggest problems they noticed was that lack of communication and awareness around a child’s education. Class Dojo allows teachers to engage their students on a level like never before and actively share that with parents to create a more positive community.

Parents are able to use the Class Dojo application to keep a closer eye on their child while they are in school in order to see how they are progressing with classwork and activities. The app allows for direct and instant communication which effectively eliminates the need for schedule conferences or phone calls during bad times. Any issues that may need to be addressed can be done right through the app to ensure the students, teachers, and parents are able to stay in sync with each other. Important school events and activities are readily displayed and keep parents in the loop with school events so they can prepare in advance to participate.

Though Class Dojo is relatively new to the scene, they have managed to expand greatly in functional size. In the United States today, more than two-thirds of all schools have seen Class Dojo in the classroom and the platform is finding its way to countries outside the United States as well. Class Dojo continues to update their application and regularly fine-tune existing features, despite the app being free to use for everyone. They have optional features that cost money, however, they are not required to benefit from Class Dojo’s main features, which help fund the platform and pay for new growth.