Colbeck Capital Management Founder Jason Colodne Moves From Finance To Hollywood

The Hollywood film industry has been one of the most important aspects of the work of Jason Colodne for a number of years with the financial specialist finding success in his work as an executive producer for movies. In total, there has been five movies executive produced by Jason Colodne between 2012 and 2014 with the action thriller, “Act of Valor” and “Beyond the Lights” among the most famous in the work of the University of Pennsylvania alumni.

In 2009, Jason Colodne established the Colbeck Capital Management brand that has been one of the most successful on Wall Street for the last decade. Colbeck Capital Management has been one of the leading brands in the financial sector over the last few years as it has been seeking better ways of helping entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in the 21st-century. During the early part of his career, Jason Colodne spent a large part of his time working to develop new ways of lending money and achieving as much as possible as a dedicated financial expert. Over the course of his career, Jason Colodne has done a large amount of work seeking to develop the best ways of building programs to aid the entrepreneurs of the future. See Jason Colodne’s  full filmography at

As a business leader, Jason Colodne spent much of his time looking for the best ways of building a powerful relationship between himself, various lenders, and the clients who he is working with on a regular basis. At Colbeck Capital Management, the focus is placed firmly on how best to work with entrepreneurs as they move through the different aspects of their career. One of the big problems identified by Jason Colodne was the issue of how to handle the changing face of the entrepreneur as they move from establishing a business to working on their programs and businesses. As the needs of the entrepreneur change, Colodne believes the main issue faced is the fact they need more help and assistance in different ways as they move through their work.

The New York-based investment specialist looked to develop his career in many different ways over the last decade and eventually found himself drawn to Hollywood where he found himself working on many successful movies. For Jason Colodne, the Hollywood film industry was intriguing and the chance to work on a successful business model was not to be missed.

Jason Colodne found himself working with some of the best-known names in Hollywood in 2012 when he worked as executive producer on the Luc Besson-produced thriller, “Paranoia.” Despite Luc Besson producing and Liam Hemsworth starring in the movie, it proved the least successful of the three-year stay of Colodne in Hollywood. For Jason Colodne, the work he was doing had become extremely important and his later movies were far more warmly received than “Paranoia.” In fact, “Beyond the Lights” from 2014 holds a user rating of over 80 percent among reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes and was nominated for an Academy-Award for best song, the second tri0p to the Oscars for Jason Colodne. Learn More: