David Giertz Is Looking Out For Your Finances

Recently, David Giertz did an interview for WSJ’s website. It was entitled, “Speak To Your Clients About Social Security.”

So, what did Giertz discuss in the interview?

He begins talking about a survey done with consumers about retirement and social security. Giertz says that bottom line? Social security is a very important topic when it comes to what insurance advisors are talking about to their clients. Part of this survey revealed that if advisors aren’t talking to and preparing their clients for social security and retirement, clients are likely to switch advisors and fire their current one. He goes on to list more detailed reasons why clients want their advisors to discuss social security and their retirement futures.

David Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial Sales at Nationwide Insurance.

And David’s career spans over three decades. And before joining Nationwide, he had a decade-long career at Citigroup that helped prepare him for the future ahead of him at Nationwide. He joined Nationwide Insurance Group in the year 1999 and it has never been the same since he started there. He started out as regional vice president and from there Giertz worked his way up the ladder to success.

Some of his areas of strength include retirement plans, life insurance, specialty markets, annuities, and more. David Giertz has utilized his talents at Nationwide to grow profits by several billion dollars. He is also WABC certified as a business coach which has helped him increase Nationwide’s Gallup associate engagement score significantly.