How ClassDojo is Teaching Kids about Growth Mindset

Since the 90s, many teachers have been concerned about how they develop the mindset of a kid to alter their perception about themselves as learners. This was until a professor of psychology at the Stamford University learnt whenever a kid acquire a message that his or her brains are malleable and that their cognitive abilities can be developed, then he or she will approach learning as a challenge that can be embraced. This is the discovery that prompted many teachers to develop ClassDojo as they all dreamt of these types of classrooms. However, though the research was highly appealing and compelling, teachers failed still struggle to develop a program that would weave the mindset of their eagerly-learning oriented kids.
In the year 2011, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don solved the long awaited crisis when they designed a beta version of a platform where teachers, students and parents could interact, ClassDojoThe program was a classroom management platform in form of a software or a web platform where teachers could provide resources for teaching growth mindset. This platform allowed teachers to award students when they develop a new skills or behave, allowing them to benchmark their skills with those of other students.
ClassDojo platform has grown into a communication software where teachers can share photos, messages and videos with their parents and teachers about their endeavors in classroom, hostels and other premises of their environment while still learning. The company has attracted more than 4 million teachers in approximately half of the entire United States schools as well as students in more than 4 continents.
Recently, ClassDojo teamed up with University of Stamford to launch a project codenamed, Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to produce an animated videos on mindset growth, featuring characters that many students are already acquiring in the program. Both Don and Sam, are proud that the company is soliciting teachers’ inputs as this act of managing students behaviors via positive reinforcement came from them.
The company therefore intend to make the platform absolutely free for teachers to keep encouraging them to impart better behaviors for leaning and character building to ours kids. This way, the company’s objective of creating an impact for as many students as possible who attend public schools will be achieved.


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