Indie Game Developer Alexis Kennedy Prefers Fun Over Profit

Gaining experience in any industry is valuable for gaining the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them. With over ten years of experience, Alexis Kennedy can be expected to have learned a lot of important business and life lessons.

Alexis Kennedy founded his first game company, Failbetter Games, in 2010. He created several story-driven titles at this firm until he teamed up with Lottie Bevan to start a new game company in 2016 called Weather Factory. This new company was the launchpad of a Kickstarter campaign for a card-based game called Cultist Simulator. The campaign brought in over $100,000 that exceeded their initial goal of $38,152. The game was released for PC in 2018 and it was later released for mobile devices in April 2019 in association with Playdigious.

Alexis Kennedy decided to enter the indie games business during the time that his first child was being born. He had elected to take a 6-month break from his software consulting job, and he relished the time to get away from the profession. His plan to get away from the job worked out in that regard, but he missed out on getting paid for over a year. This almost resulted in financial ruin, and Kennedy discourages others from doing the same thing.

Kennedy begins his typical daily routine by checking in on his teammates via Slack where he finds out key details about the progress from the previous day. His team is connected remotely, so they have to adhere to disciplined routines to remain productive. The workday for Alexis Kennedy consists of a variety of roles in design, management and writing.

The definition of success, according to Kennedy, is to do the type of work that you enjoy while earning a satisfactory income. By prioritizing fun over profit, Kennedy believes he has accomplished the type of success that he and his teammates have sought.