Jacob Gottlieb contributions

Jacob Gottlieb and Staut Weisbrod are two titans who have worked together in the past to manage healthcare investments. The two individuals previously worked together in Merlin Biomed Group where they were actively involved in managing the different portfolios. However, despite running separate hedge funds for many years, it is possible for the two to share a common office. Weisbord co-founded the Merlin back in 1998 where he was an investment manager focusing mostly on the various assets in the portfolio such as medical device, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare service. Due to the educational qualification background and experience in management, Weisbrod formed a winning team that included Jacob Gottlieb. The winning team consisted of individuals with networks and expertise to ensure Merlin reaches the next level.

Gottlieb was the portfolio manager at Merlin, and during his tenure, he was able to put the organization on the global market. Mostly during his time at Merlin, he was able to make the organization achieve returns over more than 100 percent in the year 2000. As a result of the effort of Jacob and other professionals, the company was able to get contracts with high caliber clients such as the major pension, endowments, high net worth individuals and family offices. After several years of investment, Merlin organization returned investments to the initial investors and closed its doors in 2007. Weisbrod later went on to create a new investment firm similar to Merlin. The new firm Iguana Healthcare Partners focused mostly on public companies in the healthcare sector such as pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, diagnostic, healthcare service and healthcare information technology among others. The success of Iguana is attributed to the ability of the organization to adapt to the changes need of the market.

After working with Merlin, Gottlieb followed in the shoes of Weisbrod and founded Visium Asset Management. The new organization formed by Gottlieb had an initial capital of $300 million, and after a few years, the company net worth had grown to 2.5 billion. The company later experienced the financial crisis of 2008 and later emerged stronger with a hedge fund more than $8 million employing more than 200 qualified individuals. However, despite the company experiencing robust growth, it came to sudden death when its three executives were accused of insider trading and mismarking. The revelation of insider trading was disclosed by Jason Thorell who was working undercover for the FBI and SEC. The investigation, however, exempted Gottlieb from any wrongdoing during his time in the organization.