James Dondero Lends Support to Dallas Nonprofits

James Dondero carries a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. As the co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, he shares duties for $17 billion in client assets. The time and attention required to running the firm isn’t something completed during an 8-hour workday. Jim Dondero must go beyond the regular call of duty to make sure everything runs smoothly. And still, he has time to support scores of philanthropic causes. Dondero and Highland Capital Management put valuable resources into assisting nonprofits in the Dallas region. Without Dondero and Highland’s support, these nonprofits might outright struggle.

Nonprofits often struggle to procure new donations. A common myth exists that many nonprofits receive donations quickly due to their high profile. The Dallas Zoo, for example, isn’t a lesser-known organization. Millions of people patronize the zoo. That said, only a slim percentage of visitors donate funds. The same is true of medical research entities. To boost donations, nonprofits may dedicate valuable resources to solicit donations. While a worthwhile pursuit, dedicating time and resources to seek out donations substracts from other pursuits.

Since James Dondero works tireless and directing funds to nonprofits, he takes some burdens off these organizations’ shoulders. Since Highland Capital Management already supports several nonprofits, these entities have fewer worries about raising funds. Of course, Highland and James Dondero can only do so much. The support they do lend helps immensely.

Another philanthropic cause promoted by James Dondero is the Highland Dallas Foundation, an organization designed to provide financial support to people attempting to work their way back into society. The support comes in the form of grants.

Jim Dondero and Highland Capital Management perform a great service for nonprofits in the Dallas region. The nonprofits use the support to help provide something of value to the people living in Dallas. Everyone benefits.