Jim Tananbaum Gives support to Mindstrong’s psychiatric treatment project

In the modern world, the technology platform has been experiencing enormous changes. Innovators are spending sleepless nights coming up with projects to satisfy the ever rising demand for new inventions. Today, every sector of the industry is tapping new tech as a way of keeping with the trend. The area of health has not been left behind and has been working tirelessly to adopt various techs into the system to improve the patient treatment services.

About a month ago, Mindstrong Health announced to have raised $14 million in the first round of supporting anticipated neuropsychiatric treatment invention. In the recent past, the mental health sector has somehow been neglected. Hence, Mindstrong’s project is a significant milestone for the industry at large.

From an expert’s point of view, the awaited project is focused on monitoring the patterns of interaction through a smartphone hence provide an analysis of the user’s brain functioning. The neuropsychiatric treatment platform will be in a position to provide continuous digital biomarkers of mood and brain functioning. According to Dr. Tom, the co-founder of Mindstrong Health the innovation is incredible since it will rely on a patient’s patterns of smartphone usage to analyze his/her mood and cognitive function.

Mindstrong’s neuropsychiatric treatment platform will be a big deal to the mental health industry due to the many benefits it’s going to bring to the society, particularly the mental health patients. The series A of the platform funding was coordinated by Foresite Capital and ARCH Venture Partners. However, later Berggruen Holdings, Optum Ventures, and One Mind Health Fund joined the initiative. According to Jim Tananbaum, the anticipated project brought the heads of different individuals in the societies who have a clear picture of the challenges in the mental health sector.

About Jim Tananbaum

Globally, Jim Tananbaum is an outstanding individual having founded Foresite Capital where he still serves as the CEO. Jim founded Foresite Capital in 2011 as a private firm dedicated to supporting emerging healthcare leaders to achieve their profit margins. Since establishment, Jim’s business has continued to avail capital, networks and crucial information to potential healthcare leaders. Today, Foresite has over $1.1 billion assets under their management.

Jim Tananbaum has a rich portfolio on Bloomberg that speaks positively about his career. He attended the Yale University and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Jim also holds an MD from the Harvard Medical School. Besides, he holds an M.S. from MIT and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. Over the past two decades, Jim’s top-notch skills have continued to shower the healthcare sector with countless projects. Before founding Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum had been associated with the founding of two biopharmaceutical companies and two healthcare practices, all which have thrived to incredible margins.