L’Oreal: Breaking Beauty’s Boundaries

Last year on September 30, 2018, L’Oreal Paris held their most awaited second annual fashion and beauty show – and it was nothing short of grand. The L’Oreal fashion and beauty show was held with a floating catwalk on the river Seine right at the heart of Paris. L’Oreal made sure that they are not just a beauty and fashion brand, but they made sure that they are going to be bold with their mission to make fashion and beauty more accessible to everyone. Which is why the event was also made open to the public, contrary to the usual fashion shows that had a very strict guest list. Even if the fashion show was open to all, it was still attended by some of the top names in fashion, show business, and beauty.

As the show started, diversity and inclusivity was a very prominent theme for the show, and a star-studded cast graced the runway along with A-List models, Eva Longoria, Louise Bourgoin, and Elle Fanning. They portrayed creativity and diversity which are traits that are also very prominent in the French capital, and this also served as the inspiration for L’Oreal’s show. The fashion show was also supported by a lot of top names like Nikolaj Coster – Waldau (the actor for Jaime Lannister on the HBO phenomenon, Game of Thrones) and Paralympic ski champion, Marie Bochet – who is also L’Oreal Paris’ newest ambassador.

The Spring/ Summer Fashion Week event was a platform for L’Oreal to bring their brand of beauty to everyone, local and abroad. L’Oreal makes it a point to include every kind of women when they produce their products, and they are breaking the barriers of beauty one product at a time.

The development in diversity of L’Oreal is sparked by Nicolas Krafft – and he is responsible for the extensive growth of the company. Nicolas Krafft developed his position in the company as a business leader and workes his way up the ladder. Nicolas Krafft has played a very critical role in L’Oreal’s journey towards growth and development and he has helped propel the demand for L’Oreal products in the market.