Malcolm CasSelle Leads in the Formation of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)

The internet has tremendously changed the face of business. That is why in the current business world, most corporations are delving into internet marketing. Because internet marketing easily aligns with how consumers make purchasing decisions, it is the easiest form of sales. As such, OPSkins has been on the forefront of internet marketing not only as a leading sales platform for digital items but also the primary trading platform for virtual assets like bitcoins.

Background Data

When discussing OPSkins, it is important to recognize its leadership as in every successful organization, the leader in charge dictates the direction the organization takes. The leader under discussion is Malcolm CasSelle who has displayed exemplary skills as a leader. As the CIO of OPSkins, CasSelle has streamlined operations to fit into the demands of clients. That is why there is a worldwide turnout of followers who often make micro or cross-border payments through OPSkins.


Besides, OPSkins is always in a position to accommodate massive numbers of prime candidates. Also a proud owner of a considerable market share, the company continues to lead in centralized marketplaces. Even so, like any other type of technology, it is clear that OPSkins has its challenges as there are limitations to the operating capabilities of centralized technology. Therefore, the decentralized protocol is the next big thing for traders who want to participate in virtual assets.


Consequently, the team leaders of OPSkins have converged to launch an emerging blockchain platform meant for online asset trading. Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), as it is known, is a marketplace for online asset trading. The P2P has been built on a foundation of decentralized smart contracts. These contracts will make it possible for consumers and suppliers to trade confidently.

WAX will solve two significant problems for virtual traders; fraud as well as fragmentation. It will do this through a widget that allows users to purchase and trade their goods virtually.

Overview of Leadership

Malcolm CasSelle is the serving president of WAX. He is also the CIO of OPSkins. Before that, he served at Tribune Publishing where he oversaw rapid growth through leveraging properties. Also, he served as the chief executive officer of Timeline Labs. Mr. CasSelle is an alumnus of MIT Stanford University.