Newswatch t.v. and its Serious influence

The power to influence others to do something is very great. It carries a great responsibility to handle it well. Newswatch tv has this ability and has used it very well over the years to help companies market themselves. Instead of giving random praise they review the products for the masses to see. There are many examples of them doing this.

Avanca is accompany that created the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC. They were in need of serious promotion for it. They had a crowdfunding campaign that required them to reach 10,000 dollars in 30 days to receive profit for their work and creation. If the goal, was not reached then Avanca would receive no money from the Indiegogo campaign funding company. They hired Newswatch to shoot a one-minute promotional segment. This was of course in promotion of the product to help them boosts sells so they would receive a return from the Indiegogo campaign. The segment aired on the Newswatch national television show and though its online channels. This simple one-minute video created a vast amount of success for Avanca that allowed them to not only reach their goal but exceed it. They raised an awesome 456,551 dollars in funds from the review. That is about 2939 percent over their goal in just 30 days. That’s 29 times what they actually needed. The success as undeniable as the segment was seen in over 200 markets across the U.S. 96 million homes saw the product get reviewed. The online segment of the review got over 1 million impressions showing the broad scope of New watch and its research.

This 1990 started company has given companies valuable tools to get their products to the world. It is no wonder they have amassed the collection of accolades under their belt like the Silver Telly award and the 2017 videographer award. Their influence is something serious.