No such thing as ‘Smart’ or ‘Dumb’: New App Plants the Seed to Grow Intelligence in All Children

Gone are the days when a child’s intelligence was measured by a smiley face or a sad face on their spelling test. Today, a child still receives messages that puts them into one of two groups: smart or dumb. Sure, there are kinder words for it now: challenged or struggles, but even these softer words can inhibit the learning of a young, developing mind.
ClassDojo, a communication platform that connects teachers, parents and students, is a technology that is revolutionizing the way we look at education and learning from the ground up. Class Dojo is designed to promote a positive culture in schools with options like enabling teachers to give instant positive feedback when a student demonstrates respectful or kind behavior in the classroom.
ClassDojo has gathered input from teachers and parents across the US to create an application that aims at empowering students. The app provides a series of videos for elementary students to educate them about the concept of Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset, a term coined by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, emphasizes the process of learning rather than the end result.
ClassDojo’s most recent feature lets students keep a learning portfolio to share with parents and teachers. Students receive praise not only for their final product, but also for the steps it took them to achieve it. These “Student Stories” invite young scholars to take ownership of their own learning and feel proud of their efforts no matter the outcome.
ClassDojo can track its own story of success with statistics that show that their application is used in over 2/3 of US schools and in 180 other countries. In addition, ClassDojo announced at the beginning of this year that over 8,000 messages are exchanged between teachers and parents every minute.
In a world of highly competitive job markets and lowered college acceptance rates, the focus in education tends to only focus on the end results. Yet with ClassDojo’s rising popularity in schools across the globe, parents and educators are realizing that every child deserves a smiley face for the simple sake of learning.
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