OSI food solutions invest in Spain to meet high chicken demands

OSI Food Solutions is a premier worldwide food provider and partners with various organizations that they believe they share the same interest across the world. The privately held food solution company thrives on producing, processing and distributing custom made food to all their clients.

The company has seen significant growth since it was established. Currently, the company has it services in close to 17 countries with over 20,000 employees. OSI food group has 65 food facilities in the 17 states. The leadership and management of the company still have plans underway to extend their services to more potential countries.

The company has thrived and continued to excel through global council which focuses on communicating the best ideas and practices including providing a platform which helps grow the market.

Recently, the company has managed to double their food production in Spain thus experiencing major growth. The expansion has seen the company produce over 45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef. OSI food group invested € 17 million, and the project was completed early 2017. As a result, the company increased the production of chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. This was a significant investment and a success.

The expansion is as a result of increased demand of chicken in the country, and the company says it’s ready to meet more demand for chicken products. The facility has shipping and receiving areas, refrigerated rooms for storage and waste area among other parts. The project allows the company to add new products to their portfolio, add capacity and create new jobs.

Previously, OSI food group had acquired Baho Food, and the president of OSI group said that adding Baho to OSI food solutions expands and gives OSI a wider presence in Europe. Baho brings in five subsidiaries in Germany and Netherlands which have processing plants and served customers in 18 countries. OSI has opted to maintain all the former employees of Baho Food stating that they will bring in their vast experience since they have served the company and hence understands the needs of the customers.

The former managing director of Baho Food says he is excited about becoming part of OSI food group and that they expect to accelerate the growth strategy by realizing their goals in the food industry. Osi food solutions has experienced a rapid growth due to its outstanding relationship with suppliers and customers as well. OSI understands the needs of their clients and hence meet their demands.

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