How Sujit Choudhry Became An Internationally Recognized Comparative Constitutional Law Expert

Comparative Constitutional Scholar Sujit Choudhry is a college professor and the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. As the founding director he handles the day to day operations of this organization. This center compiles evidence-based information about constitutional issues which are sourced from other constitutional scholars around the world ( This information is supplied to policymakers in emerging democracies and/or nations that are looking to make improvements to their existing constitutions.

Sujit Choudhry says that he has helped many nations where they are writing or modifying a new constitution in the past two decades. Even though much information has been developed about constitutional issues not all of it is adequate, up-to-date, or complete. His organization fills in the gaps of knowledge through research and policy dissemination.

Sujit Choudhry points out he is an immigrant to the United States and has studied the law in three countries. This gives him a broad view of constitutions and what makes for a good one. One of the reasons he has been so successful, he says, is that he has had to navigate different political and legal frameworks through his life. Like him, both of his parents were college professors who made education the number one priority in their household.

Sujit Choudhry attended McGill University in Quebec, Canada, and graduated in 1992 with his bachelor’s degree. In order to earn his three law degrees, he attended the University of Oxford, the Univerity of Toronto, and Harvard Law School. He has also taught comparative constitutional law in both Canada and America at the University of Toronto, New York University, and the University of California . He now lives in Berkeley, California, where he has been for the past four years (

It was in 2012 that he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions. He says that to date he has more than 50 experts in his network for this organization and has formed partnerships with a number of nongovernment organizations, think tanks, and global organizations. He has used the information developed to help emerging democracies such as in Libya, Egypt, South Africa, Ukraine, Yemen, Jordan, and more.

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Jorge Moll’s journey in studying the functioning of the brain.

Jorge Moll serves as the president and the head researcher of D’Or Institute for Research & Education. He is also the senior of Cognitive Neuroscience Unit as well as the Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

In 2004 Jorge received the NIH award from D’Or Institute for Research and Education Awards & distinctions Research, due to his exceptional skills in the field Jorge was appointed as governors board member of the international neuroethics society. In 2008 he was named the affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of sciences. Jorge’s recent recognition was in 2015 when he was awarded visiting scholar award by the Stanford Neuroscience Institute in Stanford University.

When still in school, Jorge grew the passion for studying the brain, and how it functions, and around 1996 Jorge got an opportunity to view his first fMRI images. FMRI was a concept to view brain images better developed by a few scientists in 1991.

In 1998, Jorge worked on a project that would help them study the higher functions of the brain, in the same year he acquired the first brain images when people made moral judgments. This study would help them understand that frontal lobes are activated when people make moral decisions.

Over the years Jorge Moll has perfected his skills and conducted more research to understand how the brain works in different situations. A recent study on the brain showed the effectiveness of the brain to help in healing be it a physical illness or even an addiction.

In one study, it was discovered that people with addictions or certain health conditions respond better to people who understand and have gone through the same process, the study was conducted with a group of people with several sclerosis, and the research provided support for the patients by facilitating a 15 minutes call for one month. The helpers were also people who had experienced the same condition and after the month. It was evident that both parties benefited but those who helped the patients showed an increased level of self-esteem and experienced less depression.

Several studies where both the helpers and patients had experienced the same condition were done, and the brain responded differently after the sessions.

Jorge’s passion for understanding the brain more has helped him develop methods and come up with helpful information which will help the health sector to progress regarding treatments


Sujit Choudhry.

Intelligent Sujit Choudhry.

As a kid who was brought up by parents who were professors, Sujit Choudhry gained interest in emulating and advancing in his higher education where he went up to the university level. Sujit Choudhry got his three degrees from different countries ( One from the Oxford University of England, Toronto University of Canada, and Harvard University of the united states of America. Though his early life was migration altered, Sujit Choudhry finally attained his educational prowess.

Sujit Choudhry who later worked as a professor of law at the University of California, Berkley school of law later became dean of the school.

As time went by, Choudhry founded the center for democratic transitions, where he worked as a director in the institution. With his ability to be a maestro of law, he had the capability of being a director in the center for democratic transitions which he had functionally founded to play a role in designing constitutions. Some of the other jobs that Sujit Choudhry pursued was being a panelist in the united nations mediation panel.

Centre for democratic transitions which one of his significant conquests was a pool of ideas that guided lawmakers globally to formulate policies and amend existing ones. Sujit Choudhry had the chance in empowering the practitioners and researchers who were to emulate his iconic footprints ( In many countries around the world, democratic transitions made possible for them to come up with a new constitution.

Constitutional designing made it possible for states to move from unfavorable to suitable ones. Some of the techniques used in designing constitution were through undertaking research from the grassroots, and this was, in turn, to guide the policymakers and law experts to know the reality. From this point, the researchers were able to amend segments that brought conflict.  Additional article on  Proportionality started to prevail through the constitutional building. Bill of rights to protect nationals of various countries also got uplifted. Outdated laws got rid of in the process. Sujit Choudhry’s expertise in law gave democracy a boost in nations where the violation of the same prevailed.

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Glen Wakeman: Paving the Way for Entrepreneurs and Innovation

Glen Wakeman’s impressive achievements are many in number but he is not just defined by his accomplishments, but by his contribution to the industry and those who work in it. Glenn began his education at the University of Scranton, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance. After, he continued his education at the University of Chicago, where he earned his MBA.

Throughout his career, he has lived in six different countries and worked in 32 countries around the world. He has headed many successful businesses, working with start-ups, in mergers and acquisitions, downsizing and more. He overlooked more than 17,000 employees and over $15 billion in assets.

Glen Wakeman spent more than 20 years working as the CEO for GE Capital and currently works as the co-founder and CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC, which was founded in 2015. Through this company, Glen was able to create a program, LaunchPad Toolkit, that allows him to assist new entrepreneurs in being successful by offering a service that lets them organize their ideas into a realistic plan that will help them in growing.

While managing Launchpad Holdings, LLC, Glen Wakeman also vigorously participates in the business world by providing knowledge and insight to future business leaders by way of blogging. Furthermore, he has started a 21-Day Business Tips blog post in order to assist entrepreneurs and provide them with tips on what they can do to better their business endeavors. With his blog and years of experience, he hopes to help businesspersons with advice in areas concerning administration, approaches, and more.

In addition, Glen constantly on the look for new opportunities to explore and is interested in solving business problems through machine learning which can help with the depth, speed, and quality associated with decision making by providing its users with valuable insights.


Chicago Community Thanks Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a proficient leader in the transport industry. Perry has been the leader of Customs Companies Inc. since it was established. The Customs Companies Inc. is based in Illinois. Perry has forever focused on satisfying the needs of his customers both small and big. Perry Mandera and his employees at the company take on offering the best transportation services to its customers. The firm holds on to the SmartWay program of environmental protection agency. This program makes the company offer utmost competence.

Perry Mandera is a dynamic philanthropist. He has supported various community and charitable organizations such as Jesse White Tumblers. The Jesse White Tumblers offers positive activities that keeps the kids away from alcohol, gangs, and drugs. Additionally, Perry has formerly worked in the US Marine Corps Reserves. He has been active in the transport industry for many years. The experience he got from working in the transport industry led him to open his own company. He is the owner and current president of the Customs Companies Inc. With Perry Mandera as the leader, the company offers a variety of services such as the fulfillment of pick and pack. The Customs Companies Inc. offers land and air transportation solutions to businesses in Northern America (Customcares).

Perry Mandera is very compassionate about youth organizations and he currently serves as a board member the Jesse White Tumblers. He also enjoys helping other organizations, for instance, the Illinois State Crime Commission. The commission helps the army veterans to find employment after coming back home. In addition to these, Perry is always looking for more ways to give back to the society. Perry serves as one of the board directors at the Illinois State Crime Commission. The commission also aims at bringing to an end the juvenile misbehaviors through various initiatives.

There are several notable support services from Perry Mandera, the transport executive in Chicago area. For instance, his contributions to the Police Athletic League, Marine for Life Network have all gone into records. Moreover, with Perry Mandera, safety comes first. One of the company initiatives has been involved in ending the habit of texting while driving. Perry cares so much about his family, his church, and community.


Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Illinois Dr. Mark Holterman

Not only is Mark Holterman a doctor, but he’s a doctor that works with young kids the most important people who will decide the future for their generation (Linkedin). He is also on the side, an educator as well as a researcher.

Holterman did not come from a big family of physicians as doctors normally do. His parents did not go to college, and they weren’t sure that their son would be good enough to make it into a school, like Yale, where he could build up the potential to be the doctor he is today ( He graduated from Yale with a Bachelors degree in Biology before going to medical school at the University of Virginia. Before graduating school Holterman met another doctor who he was inspired by and visa versa she was inspired by him. He was studying to be a pediatrician while his friend was studying to be a surgeon. They both learned off of each other and because of this they are both dabbling in a little bit of the others career. Not only were these two close partners but now they are also married with three sons.

On to the business side of his career, Holterman is the CEO of Mariam Global Health which is an investment firm that helps fund and works to keep medical business’ on their feet. He also teaches pediatrics and surgery courses at University of Illinois College of Medicine.

His main gig is working as a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center. Not only that but he also works on younger children at many other establishments as well if they need his help. Overall, Holterman is a pretty busy guy writing articles for review magazines, being a doctor, a professor, a husband as well as a dad. This man has a full plate but he helps a lot of people.


Sujit Choudhry Speaks Out About Ukraine’s Constitutional Challenges

Sujit Choudhry has an important position as the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and he is widely regarding as an expert in constitutional laws in countries throughout the world. He joined other experts on a panel in Kiev on July 10th that was addressing the current issues facing Ukraine. For a related article, check

There was no question that Choudhry was in good company during this outing. He was joined in this forum with many notable experts, including Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University; Sumit Bisarya of International IDEA Summit; Vladimir Vasilenko, Ukraine’s personal representative on human rights; Sergyi Holovaty, member of Ukraine’s constitutional commission; Viktor Musiaka, president representative of the Supreme Court; and Ihor Koliushko, who is a representative of the Center for Policy and Legal Reform and a former Parliament Member.

These individuals are all experts in the field of constitutional law, and Choudhry noted how he was humbled to be in such a diverse and prestigious group. Considering he is an expert in his own right, he contributed to the forum by first of all noting the importance of discussing policy-based options during the constitutional reform process. Every member of the group readily agreed that it was important to focus on a given set of case studies and assemble information on the subject. Knowledge is certainly power when it comes to constitutional reform.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is widely recognized as a constitutional scholar. He is an I. Michael Heyman professor of Constitutional Law at the University of California Berkeley Law School. He also is noted for being the first dean of that institution of Indian descent (  Earlier in his life, he was determined to study law and was the recipient of a Bachelor of Law from the University of Oxford. He is the current director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit Choudhry is constantly looked to when countries and other jurisdictions are looking to design a constitution (  Many individuals also look at his expertise when examining how a former dictatorship can properly transition to a democracy. Choudhry’s contributions to democracy are almost unparalleled in his field.

More about the Professor on

How Southridge Helps Companies Get The Capital They Need

Finance and capital is the lifeblood of a company. A business can not grow, compete nor survive without the funds to create new products and services, do market research or even fund their payroll. Now, there is one finance company that helps all types of business get the financing they need to thrive. That company, Southridge, has become the go-to company for businesses focused on growth.

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Glen Wakeman: life through teaching

Inspiring people to be their best is the most fulfilling job in the world. Causing someone to think and stretch himself or herself to achieve the impossible is pure joy. Glen Wakeman understands this. Having made a name for himself in the business world, he has now turned his attention to educating those who want to make a name for themselves in the same world. Most successful people shy away from holding someone else’s hand to show them the way because of the fear of these same people becoming their competition.

Glen wakeman, on the other hand, finds it refreshing. Educating other people has given him an opportunity to interact with raw talent as well as with experience. He encounters raw talent in the entrepreneurs he inspires and teaches the way to success and experience in the teachers he gets to share a platform with. As a result, the more he teaches, the better he becomes at what he already is good at. His passion for nurturing entrepreneurs has seen him earn the role of a mentor among so many in addition to being a business revolutionary.

Most recently, Glen Wakeman released a video in which he discusses the key factors to succeeding in any business. His official website also is a tool he uses to tackle different issues in business. Every day, he posts an article on a particular area and breaks down the holes one needs to block to succeed and the direction to take to succeed.

Being the current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, you can be sure the very steps he advises people to take are the same ones he had taken and still takes to stay where he is (Releasefact). He says, his productivity each day starts by a review of yesterday’s productivity. He reviews his performance each day so that he can make sure he doesn’t repeat the mistakes he committed yesterday and strengthens the areas he did well in.

Mr. Wakeman says that he draws his passion for work by explaining the new ideas he has with others. This is how come he has managed to keep the fire for business and teaching burning so vibrantly at the same time. Explaining things to others helps him bring his concepts to life!

Sujit Choudhry, the Guru on Constitutional Transitions

You cannot have a meaningful discourse on comparative constitutional law and rebuilding of rule of law through democracies without mentioning Professor Sujit Choudhry. He is a Harvard Law School graduate. Prof Sujit Choudhry has an extensive collection of publications on the constitutional transition of regimes and it relations with political spaces. This vast knowledge has made him one of the most acknowledged legal scholars around the world. Prof Sujit Choudhry was born in 1970 to American Indian parents.  Refer to for more related reading.

Ukraine is part of his global agenda of championing a more democratic system. Together with other notable think tanks from Ukraine, he has been of the view that the country needs redefining of political space but within the law. Together with bureaucrats, legal fellows and Ukraine’s most respected political figures, Prof. Choudhry initiated a conversation on expanding the political space for Ukrainian people. These talks, inspired by researches done on the democracy index, which according to him is not recommendable especially for a country like Ukraine.  Check This democratic discourse was held in Kiev, July 10 with Viktor Musiaka acting as Ukrainian Supreme Court representative, Ihor Koliushko, a representative for civil society as well as retired politicians. Although the primary agenda was on constitution amendment of Ukraine, it was a perfect opportunity for him to release a collection of his works on constitutional making. Constitutional making to him is the only way to more free democracies where there is respect for fundamental rights and political freedom.

Throughout his career, Sujit Choudhry has been able to come up with a team of scholars to form an institute for democratic transitions. This idea was partially inspired by fall of regimes, especially after Arab Springs. Arab Springs overthrew governments believed to be authoritarian, but after these regimes were overturned, there was political and constitution vacuum. He was instrumental in constituting a formidable team to aid these countries transit to democracies. These countries include Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Jordan. He used his vast experience together with other constitutional scholars to bring these countries back on foot (  His efforts on failed democracies can be termed as the most significant contribution to avert potential civil wars in many counties by providing a constitutional option to leadership challenges.

Keep up with the Professor, follow him on LinkedIn.