Wengie’s Favorite Summer Life Hacks

Wengie is a very popular YouTube channel that has well over a million subscribers. This is a very amazing feat because the competition for viewers in the beauty category is off the charts. However, Wengie’s channel has collected an amazing amount of followers and views on her well produced videos on beauty, hair, diet, fitness, fashion, skincare, and more. Her life hacks and DIY videos are certainly some of the most popular. In this video, Wengie shares her favorite summer hacks for the lazy girl. Wengie is sure that there are thousands or perhaps millions of girls that are able to relate to her.

Favorite Summer Life Hacks
Wengie lives in the land down under. To some it seems like the summer never ends in Australia. Well, the Australian beauty blogger and YouTube star shares her favorite summer hacks in this video. Well, the summer hacks are very cool. Certainly, it is always summer time at some corner of the world. That is great news because Wengie has followers on YouTube that are across the world. The majority of the summer hacks will leave you feeling that they are super cool and easy to follow. Check out Wengie’s hack for creating an instant summer DIY pool bar out of things around the pool or a way to make sure that your legs look super smooth and beautiful during the summer. This is a super great video for all you Wengie fanatics. I know that there are a lot online.


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Venezuelan Danilo Diaz-Granados Is Helping Miami’s Hispanics Realize The American Dream

Miami is the land of opportunity for Latinos that come to the United States to find a better life. The political changes and the commodity boom across Latin American have given more Hispanics the opportunity to invest as well as migrate to the United States. The fear that currency devaluations could ruin what they accomplished in their native country, many Hispanics bought real estate and invest in other ventures in the Miami-Dade area. Venezuelan Danilo Diaz-Granados studied the migration patterns of Hispanics while he was studying at Babson College in Boston. Danilo decided to move to Miami to pursue his dream.

Danilo wanted to work in the investment industry after graduation. After graduating with a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics, Granados was hired by Firemen Capital Partners as an investment advisor. Granados was given the role of environmental analyst. His role was to study demographics and the social factors that play a part in Hispanic business ventures. Granados discovered that the Gross Domestic Output in the Miami-Dade area is more than $140 billion a year. The driving force behind Miami’s economy is the trade with countries in Latin America. The success of the recent Hispanic residents is the culmination of previous generations of Hispanics that started to immigrate to Miami in the 1950s. But the other factor in the success of Miami’s Hispanic population is their desire to live the American dream, and Granados is helping his clients live that dream.

Granados developed a large client list with Firemen Capital Partners, and his clients all came from different Hispanic cultures. Danilo decided to document some of their stories, so he started Edge of Glory Films to show the world what being Hispanic means in the United States and across Latin America. Granados does all the legwork for his film company, and runs a related Vimeo account. He produces, directs, edits, promotes and distributes his films in Miami as well as in other countries.

Mr. Granados also helps the Hispanic community in other ways. Danilo invested in several retail ventures that help the Latino community find merchandise that is hard to find in the United States.  Be sure to follow his journey in detail on Danilo’s Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Helane Morrison: A Great Role Model For the 21st Century

I think Helane Morrison is one of the greatest female voices in the American financial industry today. In a world where over-sexualized women like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian get all the buzz, it is refreshing to see a strong role model like Helane Morrison who can teach today’s girls the value education and hard work.

In this short article, I will take a look at how Morrison got to this position of power. I hope to inspire all young girls reading this article to follow in her footsteps towards leading a virtuous, successful, and powerful life.

Morrison was born in Brooklyn, NY, and began her studies in journalism at Northwestern University. After graduating with a B.S. in journalism, Morrison enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, where she received her J.D. in 1984.

Morrison first worked as a law clerk for Richard Posen in the US Court of Appeals in the Seventh District. In 1987, she passed the California bar. She also worked with such legal luminaries as Harry Blackmun in the US Supreme Court for a short period of time.

Eventually, Morrison moved to work with San Francisco’s Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm for a few years.

One of the most important moments in Morrison’s career came when she joined the SEC. She eventually became the very first woman to be promoted to the role of a District’s Chief in 1999.

Morrison’s actions during her time at the SEC, I believe, show her passion for pursuing corruption at the very top of the business world. During her time here, she took some bold legal actions against financial fraud at famous companies like HBO & Co., and even against the General Counsel of Google, Inc.

Today, people can find Morrison happily working at Hall Capital Partners LLC where she serves as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer.

One of the reasons why Morrison joined Hall Capital is, I believe, quite telling. She believes the culture of diversity that Hall Capital emphasizes has made it into one of the greatest money managing companies in the Bay Area.

With three women at the helm of the company, Morrison is happy to be a part of breaking down gender stereotypes. She hopes that the work of diverse management at Hall Capital will re-define the image of corporate America for the 21st century.

Philip Diehl’s Prudent Stewardship At The U.S. Money Reserve

Recently, Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dye hosted Philip Diehl. Over the years, entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners have used the show as a platform for sharing their strategies, products, creations and experiences. At the beginning of this year, Philip embarked on an aggressive media appearance where he deliberated on various topics. His topics have centered on the excellent customer services at the US Money Reserve and prospects of the gold market.

Philip is regarded as one of the finest directors to be at the helm of U.S. Mint. While serving at the Mint, Philip received many accolades including the 50 States Quarter program. In addition, he played a pivotal role in minting platinum coins. These platinum coins were the first ever to be minted and issued by the U.S. government. In one of his interviews, Philip said that together with his management team at the Mint, they turned the organizations from an agency into an entrepreneurial success. In addition, he made a six-year commitment to augment customer service at the Mint. In the end, U.S. Mint’s customer service matched the leading businesses in the U.S.

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Why Buy Gold

After assuming his role as the president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip replicated the entrepreneurial principles to enhance customer service at the Reserve. The U.S. Money Reserve ranks high in distributing government-issued coins, precious metal bullion and bars. Under Philip’s stewardship, the U.S. Money Reserve has started an IRA program. Through this program, customers are allowed to hold physical gold as a wealth protection strategy for retirement while enjoying gains realized from increases in gold prices.

Philip urges customers to choose U.S. minted platinum coins, silver and gold given that they are legal tender guaranteed by the U.S. government. U.S. Money Reserve guarantees the purity, gold content and weight of the U.S. minted gold coins. Philip contends that with the anticipated market volatility, gold prices will increase.

About U.S. Money Reserve
Many clients trust the U.S. Money Reserve. The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) rates the Reserve as AAA. In addition, within 30 days, the firm provides refunds on non-bullion certified coin orders. In the industry, the firm’s return policies are regarded as one of the best. The firm is proud of its fastest delivery times. Every shipping order is fully insured and signed accordingly. The U.S. Money Reserve facilitates client-connect advantage. Veterans in the gold market provide clients with expert advice and one-on-one consultations. Consultations are free of any charges. In addition, clients are provided with secure offline transactions and optimal live pricing services.

Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/shop/

Role Model Jennifer Walden Returns To Texas

Everyone has one thing about themselves that they wish they could change. You may have a nose that is too big or wide, a saggy bottom, too much fat around the midsection, or too many wrinkles. You may also have chosen to change your sex and need to have boobs removed. Whatever the changes that you may want to make, you can make them easier when you speak to someone that can give you information so you are informed. Jennifer Walden is one of the people that enjoys teaching you about plastic and cosmetic surgical options. She can give you the positives and negatives for each surgery you are contemplating undergoing. Jennifer is just returning to Austin Texas area where she works as a plastic surgeon and speaks out to expose myths about the body. Jennifer hopes people will learn that she is serious about her career and family.

Jennifer Walden is a Writer and blogger online. She loves to answer questions that people have about issues with growing old. Jennifer recently did a whole spill about Vaginal Rejuvenation and what both men and women think. She discusses men’s unrealistic expectations of women’s genitalia especially after women has a baby vaginally. Women always want to look good for their man but they want to look good for themselves. She helps people see that women need to feel good about themselves . Jennifer explains that when women age their bodies change. Women that do not continue to do exercises to tighten their vaginal area can experience loose cavities. In order for a woman to experience an orgasm during sex, she needs to be able to feel things. There are non-invasive things that can help to tighten and reconstruct the vaginal area without any surgeries.

As a young girl, Jennifer had her parents be role models. Her father was a dentist, and her mother worked in a hospital as a medical surgical nurse. She spent a lot of her childhood watching her parents before she finally decided she wanted to be in the medical profession as well. Jennifer also wanted children so she had some invetral conception and viola. She is now the proud parent of two beautiful young boys. Jennifer hopes she can be a great role model for her sons and her community.


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Marc Sparks Proves the Entrepreneurial Spirit Can Accomplish Anything

Marc Sparks is the spirit of entrepreneurship. He is a high school graduate who dived into the deep end of the entrepreneurship pool and became a success in the business world. He substituted passion, savvy and the never give up ingredient for formal education beyond high school and created sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products. He also started a software company and sold hundreds of million dollars worth of product.

His endeavors have not always been successful, but he always used the failures as stepping stones to success. Mr. Sparks passion is to build companies and he often starts with an idea that others think is to off-beat to succeed. He runs with the idea and works it until it does succeed. He keeps a handful companies in his private equity firm called Timber Creek Capital, LP. He develops a business model for his idea and builds a business culture of short and long term goals, as well as long range growth plans. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://about.me/marc_sparks and https://disqus.com/by/marcsparks/

He has taken his philosophy and know-how and put them all into a book he hopes will inspire others. It is the best way he can find to let others know hard work, dedication and commitment will pay-off in the long run. Anyone willing to make the effort, no matter how much or how little training and education they have can be a success. In addition to his success, he also writes about his failures which he thinks will serve as the best teacher for finding success.

Mr. Marc Sparks has also used entrepreneurship as a springboard to philanthropy. He considers himself to be very fortunate and successful and wants to give back. He supports organizations that offer a hand up, as well as a hand out to those less fortunate. He supports Samaritan Inn, Habitat for Humanity and American Can! Academy in the Dallas area.

Mr. Sparks and his wife created Spark Tank, an innovative concept that provides the opportunity for business people involved in social services to present ideas that will benefit society. Applicants present their ideas before the Spark Tank panel and winners receive funding to help implement their ideas that will positively impact lives. Spark Tank has proven to be quite a successful program and really brought out the entrepreneurial spirit of its applicants.

Past winners have received funding to build a kennel behind Samaritan Inn to house pets of families that enter the Inn’s programs, funded the cost of a children’s camp and programs and activities so children do not have to spend time in daycare and providing fuel for a shuttle bus for a year to provide transportation for clients without vehicles to get to work every day.

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Sanjay Shah – Solo Capital and Autism Rocks

Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital in 2011. The company is located in London, and regulated by the United Kingdom. The company handles proprietary trading, consulting and sports investing. Shah started the company after he left the employment of a finance company where he had been working in accounting. Before getting into accounting, he had been going to medical school. He decided that medicine was not for him/ After he left accounting, it was around 2008, the markets were crashing and the investment community was hit with a major downsizing, so his only option was to start his own company. Solo Capital started in a small office in 2008 and grew to a very large company, with a number of employees.

Sanjay Shah made a big name for himself in the investment industry, but it is his charitable work that is in the news more these days. When his youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, he decided to dedicate his efforts to raising awareness of the condition and also raising money to support research in the field He and his wife have been focused on bringing the condition into the news more and more so that others will get involved with supporting research and understanding it better.

He did this by setting up Autism Rocks. At the time he was friends with Snoop Dogg, and was discussing the idea of organizing concerts with popular names and donating the proceeds from the concerts to autism research. Prince was the first name to perform for the organization. Today Autism Rocks is going strong, having concerts on a regular basis and funding many programs related to the condition. Today Sanjay considers himself retired, and he devotes most of his time to philanthropic activities. Obviously, one of the biggest efforts is Autism Rocks.


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Mike Baur: Visionary for the Future

Mike Baur is a man of many talents. This individual is known across the world as a famed businessman and entrepreneur. The companies he has created and/or funded have gone on to produce many successes both in monetary evaluations and popularity among users. Since creating a name for himself, Mike has created a company called the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF). Below you’ll find a brief background of the company and how it is supporting users all over the country.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is a company that allows young entrepreneurs to showcase their business talents and inventions. It is a special funding source that allows young entrepreneurs the ability to get the name of their company/product outsourced all across the global spectrum. The company starts off these young entrepreneurs with a 30 day trial period. During this period these inventors and visionaries receive assistance from top-of-the-line investors and managers. They receive one-on-one mentoring and coaching that allows for the company to spread their knowledge into the young minds that will shape our future. Mike Baur started the company to truly give back some of the successes he has gained through his many years of experience in this space.

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Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

The company resides in Zurich and marks the location of where entrepreneurs receive their training and teaching. The network that the Swiss Start Up Factory reaches amasses companies and individuals all across the globe. This type of exposure allows for these start-up businesses and ideas to reach an audience unlike any other. Opening up Mike’s long list of contacts, investors, and associates allows for the maximum number of eyes to be on these new start-ups at all times. The entrepreneur isn’t going to find another company quite like the Swiss Start Up Factory with all it has to offer.

The company continues to develop as it takes on more partners and more entrepreneurs. This expansion of individuals also expands the wide variety of interested parties that connect with the factory. With Mike to back-up the many successes that are forth-coming, it is only a matter of time before we all experience some of the great inventions and inventors this company has to offer.

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Talk Fusion’s Exciting WebRTC Recorder

Talk Fusion is an international video marketing force. It’s a prominent company that’s based in Brandon, a community in Florida’s Hillsborough County. Talk Fusion recently unveiled its WebRTC Recorder to the world. This device is something that will enable the businesses that use Talk Fusion to communicate with customers more quickly and more efficiently. With this new device, clients of Talk Fusion are able to make the most of WebRTC developments. This can be a great help for them when they employ Firefox or Chrome to create video clips that are designated for video newsletters and video email messages.

People who use Talk Fusion will be able to enjoy an array of amazing advantages thanks to the WebRTC recorder. They’ll be able to enjoy instant recording features, hassle-free synchronization and speedy playback, for example.

Talk Fusion is a well-known firm that was established in the summer of 2007. It was created by Bob Reina, who also works as its Chief Executive Officer or “CEO.” The staff at Talk Fusion consists of a mix of marketers, information technology (IT) aficionados, developers and artists. The goal at Talk Fusion is to improve lifestyles all around the planet with the assistance of creative and high-tech video communication devices. The company prioritizes relationship marketing and chooses to avoid classic advertising techniques. The team at Talk Fusion works hard to spread the word about its offerings by engaging in face-to-face communication with people everywhere. Talk Fusion has independent representatives who are based in 140 plus nations around the world. It’s a private business that has zero debt. Talk Fusion is owned entirely by Reina as well. The company was incorporated in Florida.

These applications include video newsletters, video email, video chat, live meetings and even signup forms.

The staff, as a result, regularly participates in a variety of charitable efforts. The employees at Talk Fusion are also heavily involved in matters that pertain to animal rights and animal welfare.

The Leadership of Bernardo Chua

Organo Gold is a company that was founded by Bernardo Chua is 2008. n present day, Organo Gold currently has a headquarters that is located in the location of where it was founded which is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bernardo Chua designed his company to sell gourmet coffee that has combined delicious taste with many health benefits. Bernardo Chua purposefully created a company that has develops healthy products that can be used in every day use. Some of these products include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, as well as various skin products and lip balms. Everyone of these products offers consumers a delicious alternative to other daily products.

Bernardo Chua not only wanted to make a company centered around a delicious product, but also wanted to create a company that would involve the consumer in the selling process. This direct selling company welcomes anyone who has a love for Organo Gold and the products into the Organo Gold family. The number of Organo Gold distributors around the world has exponentially increased over the years to be calculated to be over a million distributors. With this number of distributors, the company currently operates in over 35 countries around the world and has even more plans to continue the company’s expansion even further into the four corners of the world.

In recent news, CEO and founder of the company, Bernardo Chua has announced the company’s recently opened branch in Turkey. This announcement marks the 39th company that Organo Gold has seen the overall operations of the company with. The award winning Bernardo Chua is excited of this new expansion as it now marks to unification of Asia, Africa, and Europe within the company’s branches. This new access further allows Organo Gold to continue developing an even more diverse team on their already diverse distribution team. Bernardo Chua is proud of his company and his enthusiastic to where the integrity and leadership qualities of him and his team will continue to take the company.  See Bernardo’s full credentials on LinkedIn.