The Lovaganza Event Draws Closer As Movies Near Completion

Increasing awareness of the different cultures of the world and promoting a more peaceful way of life for the people of Earth are the major goals of the Lovaganza Foundation headed by J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon. The foundation is looking to provide funding for a wide range of programs aimed at increasing the level of education, a peaceful environment, and access to safe food and water for all children in the world by the middle of the 21st century; Lovaganza are hoping the completion of a number of movies and TV shows will promote their ideals and help fund the programs they feel will aid the growth of society in every corner of the globe.

“The Lovaganza Convoy” is expected to arrive in theaters and as part of the traveling show from the group that will be known as “The Lovaganza Caravan”. “The Lovaganza Convoy” is a trilogy of movies currently in production that will tell the story of a search for happiness focusing on the members of a traveling show who are fighting a battle against an unknown, shadowy group determined to halt the release of the information discovered by a former priest. Over the course of the three three movies a classic style has been developed that harks back to a period in entertainment when positive attitudes were the norm.

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In 2018, the first installments of the Lovaganza trilogy will be released to the public and aid in building the anticipation for the eagerly awaited global event of 2020. The main centerpiece of Lovaganza’s global event will be the “Immerscope” experience that will take place at each of the eight locations around the world chosen to highlight the work of the group; “Immerscope” is designed to provide a wraparound movie going experience, but will also be the stage for live performances by dancers and other performers at this uniquely designed event. Much like the world’s fair’s that were once the norm on a regular basis in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the idea behind the 2020 Lovaganza event is to promote technology and cultural understanding. Designed to be a walk around the world, the Lovaganza event will provide interactive exhibits bringing visitors as close to the different cultures of the world as possible.

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How Billy McFarland’s Magnises Card is Rocking NYC

There is a new tech wizard in town whose card is rocking young New Yorkers. His name is Billy McFarland. McFarland is an American tech entrepreneur who was born in 1991 and is the founder and CEO of Spling and the Magnises black card as well as a mobile app.

Billy MacFarland was born in New York City but raised in New Jersey. At the tender age of 13, McFarland founded his first company which was an online outsourcing firm that matched clients with best designers. McFarland briefly attended the Bucknell University in Pennsylvania where he studied computer engineering.

Magnises Card

The tech wizard founded Magnises in 2013 and officially launched the card in March 2014. He was aiming to create a high-class black card which was community-oriented as well as technology-based. It was to offer perks, guidance as well as cachet that would improve the daily lives of its members and impress the millennial generation.

This card is not a typical credit card since it is not connected to any bank. Rather, it transfers data from an existing credit card onto the Magnises card strip to allow it to be used as the actual debit or credit card while the original card continues to work normally.

Area Covered

The card has a $250-annual fee but no initiation fee or spending conditions. It is only available in New York City and Washington DC with plans of expanding to Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. By 2015, Magnises had over 10000 members and had raised $3 million in venture capital.

Card Privileges

During New York Islanders matches at the Barclays Center, all seats in the front rows are not occupied by elderly tycoons in suits, dolled-up celebrities or season fans holders of hockey tickets. They are reserved for millennial living well within their means and enjoying every minute of it. The young ticket holders are members of the Magnises club for millennial who pay only $250 annually for access to high-end privileges.

There is also a WorkPass where NYC-based Magnises members normally get a desk at a co-working space that calls itself “The Most Badass Co-working Space on the Earth” for only $99 per month. They go for as much as $450 per month for others.

For only $65 a month, members can have ClubPass to access different nightclubs every evening. There is also a HotelPass that enables member access $79 hotel rooms in high-end locations in NYC if they check in after 11 pm.

Wessex Conferences That Will Take Place In 2016

The Wessex Institute of Technology runs an average of 25 conferences per year at different universities around the world. Below, I will list the conferences that have been held this year as well as future conferences for this year.

The Big Data Conference of 2016 took place on May 3 in Alicante, Spain. The Defence Heritage conference took place on May 4, 2016 in Alicante, Spain. The Islamic Heritage Conference took place on May 16, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The Sustainable Tourism 2016 conference started on May 20, 2016 in Valencia, Spain. The SUSI conference was held at Crete, Greece on the 24th of May. The conference on High Performance and Optimum Design of Structures and Materials took place at Siena, Italy on September 21, 2016. The next conference will be Sustainable Development and Planning in Penang, Malaysia on December 8, 2016.

Shared Office Spaces Are Revolutionary For New Workers


If you’ve ever wanted a change in the way that work is done, you might be interested in shared office spaces. Shared office spaces, also known as coworking spaces are becoming popular among newer workers looking to join startup companies. Shared office spaces may sound like a bad thing in which people who have their own office are forced to give up their privacy to other workers, but that’s not the case at all. Shared office space workers don’t usually even use offices, unless they decide to pay a little extra for them due to using the phone frequently, or for other reasons that would require them to have one. But usually shared office spaces are where people work in open rooms in a more collaborative function.


Shared office spaces were something that many new startups and freelancers wanted as an alternative to working from home, where they wouldn’t have to work alone and would have an opportunity to build a clientele. But now even established companies are starting to explore coworking spaces as a way to get more productive workers outside the normal office function. Shared office spaces certainly provide exposure to new ideas that could help a company, and giving workers independence could even motivate them to get more done in a day. But in addition to making new connections and becoming exposed to new ideas, shared office spaces also usually have onsite after hours activities such as snack bars, massage parlors, gyms, and other after hours activities for relaxation.


WorkvilleNYC is a shared office space facility that offers just about everything you could ask for in New York City. Here, you’ll have access to all the office equipment and amenities you need to get your business rolling, including high-speed internet, printers and copiers, coffee machines, and 24/7 building access. You can work either in an open lounge area, or you can rent private offices if you need your own space. You can also reserve conference rooms, and the main floors for meetings, private parties, and other functions, and even get a look at the city at night from one of Workville’s terraces.

The Smoother, the Better

Lip balm has always been in very high demand amongst teens, fashionistas, athletes and a host of other individuals that are in tune with the appearance and overall health care of their lips. Yet in recent years, the lip balm industry has seen one product in particular take on a different demand and shape, thanks to the Evolution of Smooth. Since its launch in 2009 this company has hit the market full stride, leading the race when it comes to affordable lip care. It’s natural ingredients combined with its trending oval design has become a definite go to product for consumers of all ages.

Companies such as Chapstick, Blistex, and even Burts Bees are finding themselves having a difficult time maintaining their share of the market before this products introduction. One reason being, you can find this unique mulit-colored, mulit-favored lip balm being advertised by some of the top influential, female music artists across the nation. In addition, its presence on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has catapulted to the leading brand of choice for consumers. EOS lip balm has made a huge impact on the industry without being a burden on the consumers wallets. Give it a try yourself, and see if Smoother really is Better. The products are available on eBay or via this link:

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How Eric Pulier Has Influenced The Growth Of Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur and technologist who has invested widely in nurturing young professionals and advancing the culture of entrepreneurship. He is also a prolific author and most of his articles address issues surrounding business and technology. Eric founded and co-founded several businesses that have elevated him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Such businesses include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, US Interactive and Akana. Additionally, Eric Pulier has channeled more effort into venture capitals that include Monitor Ventures, eCompanies and Trident Capital, which have been working with ambitious and talented startups across the country.

Education and early life

Eric attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984, from which point he proceeded to the Harvard University. Before he enrolled for high school education, Eric Pulier had vowed to pursue his dream of becoming the most successful entrepreneur and computer programmer. He started gathering materials and conducting research on different areas of programming, and it is through this dedication that he was able to launch a database company when he joined high school.

This success story has motivated many young professionals who are looking to pursue their dreams across the country. When he joined the Harvard University for a degree in English and American Literature, Eric Pulier already had a good background in computer programming. He, therefore, enrolled for Computer Science at neighboring MIT. He completed both courses in 1984 and was able to emerge with high honors amid different challenges along the way.


Philanthropy and taking part in causes that bring light to lives is one of the things Eric Pulier has invested largely in. He started by building a platform that could help by offering solutions to intractable problems among economically disadvantaged persons.

He pioneered the creation of an educational program that was reserved for people with Multiple Sclerosis, where they could connect with the world and learn things that would help them feel better about themselves. Most importantly, Eric Pulier has been an active member of the Campaign for Free College Tuition, which is supporting the provision of free college education to all Americans.

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Judging How Millennials Can Move Forward



All parents want the best for their children and are willing to help any way they can. Once your child is grown and out on their own, a parent may still feel obligated to assist their child with expenses. This can go on for quite some time, eventually, parents wonder when is it time to cut the umbilical cord.


Millennials, between the ages of 25 and 35, were surveyed by Fidelity Investments. Some shocking results were found: 47% of millennials admitted their parents have aided them by paying some of their bills since they moved out on their own. The most common expenses included: cell phone bills at 21%, groceries at 20%, clothing at 16%, utilities and entertainment at 14% each, and rent or mortgage payments at 12%.



According to the Federal Reserve, 50% of Americans have less than $400 in their savings. The millennials surveyed averaged $9,100 in savings–exceeding the national average. More than half of millennials have some form of investment account and retirement savings. Clearly being financially prepared for the future. What does this mean for the parents? Are they sacrificing their own financial wellness to secure their child’s?



If your child has a steady income, it may be time to discuss their money situation. If a grown child has worry about taking full financial responsibility, then help them understand the basics: needs vs wants. A parent should not risk their own financial well-being if their child is fully capable of supporting themselves.




This article was originally written by Sam Tabar, an attorney, and capital strategist. He is located in New York City. Sam Tabar began his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Afterward, he transitioned to business development and capital strategy.



Sam Tabar united with Bank of America Merrill Lynch to be its Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Later he returned to the legal field to join Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP to be a Senior Associate, dealing with hedge fins, fund information, and structure, as well as regulatory and compliance issues.  Follow him on Twitter, and find Sam Tabar’s official website via this link.

Gooee’s LED Lighting Creates the Best Atmosphere in Your Home

Perhaps, you are thinking about updating your home or creating a different type of ambiance in the home. Well, LED lighting is very trendy and the perfect way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in every room in the house. Gooee LED Lighting will supply you with the highest quality LED lighting that is manufactured today. LED lighting is perfect for a formal social affair to a casual night at home. Still, many people have questions about LED lighting. Let’s delve into those questions here.


What Is LED Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The LED lights are much more energy efficient than the former incandescent lights. Energy efficient lights are much easier on your energy bill. Some report saving hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bill, simply because they switched to LED lights. Another great advantage is that the LED lights have a much longer life span than the incandescent lights. Some of the lights might last up to several years. Of course, they cost a bit more than incandescent bulbs, but this adds up to savings in the long run.


Is It Right For You

LED lights are perfect for the consumer that would like to save money on their electric bill or energy bill. Start by removing all remaining incandescent bulbs in the light fixtures in the home. Replace the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. Certainly, the next energy bill will show a substantial reduction in energy use and energy cost, due to switching to LED lights.

Devco Trying To Intervene On The Continued Declination Of Loan Repayments And Real Estate Development

Certainly a loan made in 2005 in the construction of the Brunswick hotel and conference center has not been cleared. The alleged firm with a relationship with the government, the Middlesex County Authority, has been failing to repay the loan. The loan has now increased to huge figures due to the interest rate. Much of the loan used was from the public fund and some part of private loans. The county officials are not pleased with the delay especially in a case where the said loan is part of the public money being used in real estate development. Apparently the firm was made to use its own money in a renovation of the hotel because it has not been getting the expected profit. Devco helped in the renovation expecting to attract more people in the hotel so that they can raise money and pay back the money they owe CRDA. This was a release in the Press of Atlantic .

Residents of New Brunswick thing Devco is going to save the region from collapsing in loans through their development model of real estate development. Devco is a non-governmental organization which has been establishing a private and public partnership in the region to come up with development projects fit for the region. The organization current project is a plan to come up with a branch of the university in the region and in return the loaned money will be paid through the money that will be collected from hostels renting and taxes. Devco strategy of development in the region is unique, and the organization has been a great influence of the county government authorities especially with being awarded loads for the real estate development projects.

The organization was founded in the 1970s and has been a major role play in the rejuvenation of developments in the city. Their models of development are remarkable, and it is recognized in the New York City as the best platform to lay development in the city. The organizations believe in capitalizing on momentum evident with continuous projects initiations, groundbreaking among other future projects. New York Times recognize Devco is the city’s’ engine to development.


Keith Mann: An Inspiring Individual

We need people in the world that inspire us and if there is anyone out there that is full of inspiration it is most certainly Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners. It is in the way he lives his life and the way he treats people, no matter where they come from or what their backstory is. That is how he was raised and that is how he approaches life. He believes he was put in the position he is in because it is a chance to give back and do something good. That is why he started Dynamics Search Partners in the first place. He knew something good could come out of it for his career and for others as well.


That is the type of selfless person we need more of in today’s world. We need more people that are willing to look out for others and help them. He inspires people to do more, say more, and be more involved. With how hard he works at Dynamics Search Partners, it would be easy for him to sit on the sidelines and not do anything. He could just rest and take it easy. He would know that he put in the work and now he can kick back and simply relax. That is not in his blood, though.


If anything, it only inspires him to do even more, like hold fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts. This fundraiser raised over twenty-two thousand dollars and that is not a small chunk of change. That is big money that will go a very long way in helping the schools and getting them the things that they need. Mann also set up a scholarship with his wife to help children that have big ideas and want to be leaders in the future. It says a lot about a person with how they handle youth and how they look out for them.


In many cases, the children need this and depend on it. Without it, not many doors would be opened for them. Keith Mann is opening doors and showing people the right way to live their lives.