Sujit Choudhry – Helping With Research And Mobilizing Knowledge In The Field Of Comparative Law

The world has become one global village today with countries keen on partnering with each other to strengthen their economy and modernize their social and cultural spectrum. It is important for different countries to exchange ideas and work together closely so that the world moves forward in harmony. Many aspects come into the picture to make this possible, and one of the key points is the legal front.

The legal systems in different countries may clash when working with each other, and it is where a need for a common legal ground comes in. The comparative law helps with the formation of a common platform where the countries can collaborate for trade, economy, criminal information exchange, bilateral relationship, social and cultural exchange, immigration policies, and more.

Comparative law involves the study of different legal systems in practice worldwide, including civil law, socialist law, Cannon law, Islamic law, Hindu law, Jewish law, and Chinese law. When you study these laws carefully, you will find there are many differences and similarities. It is an elaborate research on this that helps with finding a common passage through which the countries across the globe can partner and work with each other without causing any local disputes back home. The comparative law also helps the war-stricken countries across the world by aiding in regime change from authoritarian to peaceful democracy.  Related article here. The transition is caused peacefully through Comparative law, and there are many other uses of comparative law internationally on the legal and constitutional front.  Check this must-read blog on

One of the most prominent figures in the world of comparative law is Sujit Choudhry, who is dean of Berkeley Law College and is I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the same institution. He has written numerous articles on comparative constitutional law and development that are published in authority law journals and widely acknowledged across the globe. He has worked as a foreign legal expert during the constitution formation of many different countries, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, and Libya.  Check

He was on the board of directors of Legal Aid Ontario and is consultant member at United Nations Mediation Roster and World Bank Institute. He is the founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which researches on and mobilizes knowledge and information globally about the comparative law. Sujit Choudhry is highly respected in the field of comparative law and developing legislations related to comparative law and has won many awards and recognitions in the field.  For Sujit contact info, click on

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