Ten Super Simple Hair Hacks by Wengie


In this Life Hack video by beauty blogger and Youtuber Wengie, she teams up with hair care brand Sugarbearhair to discuss her top ten tricks for gaining strong, healthy and stunning hair.


Her first tip is to make sure your body is taking in enough Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin c, Vitamin A, biotin, and folic acid to give your hair plenty of natural benefits. Wengie states that these nutrients will add shine and strength to your hair, while also preventing hair loss and giving you a healthier scalp.


The next tip she offers is to regularly clean your hairbrushes. She explains that continually using the same brush without cleaning it means you’re just rubbing old dirt and oil back through otherwise clean hair.


To get hair that smells lovely without the use of harsh chemicals or perfumes, Wengie recommends using a dryer sheet. She simply pushes the bristles of her hairbrush through the dryer sheet, then runs it through her hair a few times to freshen it.


She then shows viewers how to give the illusion of a longer ponytail, followed by a recipe for a powerful coconut oil hair mask. She tells viewers that it’s much more beneficial to use a hair mask before shampooing, as it can seal in any hair dye you may have and add several strengthening nutrients directly to the hair.


Her next tip involves using a clean t-shirt to dry wet hair with rather than a towel or hairdryer, as it’s significantly less damaging to the hair. Then she demonstrates how to use hairspray and a soft makeup brush or toothbrush to smooth down fly-away and baby hairs.


Wengie then shows her viewers a super simple way to easily get rid of split ends; she simply twists her locks into tight coils, which causes the broken strands to stick out and be easily snipped off. She then pulls her hair up into a ponytail to show her viewers how to create a nice curly ‘do in an instant.


In her last few tips, the beauty guru shows viewers how to use dry shampoo before bed to battle early morning oiliness. She also claims that you should aim to keep your hair free while you sleep; she recommends not using harmful elastics to braid your hair before bed, and to sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent breakage in your tresses over time.

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