The Glorious Life of Cassio Audi in Music

In the 1980s, Cassio Audi had started off in the music career which looked promising. However, his passion for the business and finance industry superseded that of music leading to quitting music. In 1985, a group of five young people came together to form a band that they would name Viper Rock Band. Their motivation emanated from the British heavy metal music that was thriving then as well as from Iron Maiden.

The five of them namely Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel, Pit Passarell and Cassio made a great team that would withstand any odds to start their music career together. As a founding member, Cassio was very instrumental in the success of the band. Notably, each person had their area of specialty that they would thrive in. For Audi, he was good in drums, and he was very passionate on the drums during their music sessions.

Album Releases by Viper Rock Band

Despite the great passion and enthusiasm of the group, various challenges made the process of their first release a bit difficult. The major one was the language barrier since their music was in English which was their second language. However, they were able to rise above those challenges and have a demo first to precede the release of their first album. The demo allowed them to sharpen their rough edges and gain insights on various adjustments that were necessary for successful release of the first album. In 1987, their first album with the name The Soldier of Sunrise with specific tracks namely, Princes from Hell, Nightmare, and finally The Killer. This album received a four-star rating from Allmusic.

In 1989, the group was able to release their second album, Theatre of Fate following which Cassio left the industry to pursue an MBA in finance from Sao Paulo University