The Grupo RBS Expands Into Different Areas Of The Media

The Grupo RBS brand has been expanding its areas of interest in the 21st-century to bring about a change in the way the nation of Brazil perceives its media sector. The group is located in its home states of Rio Grande du Sol and Santa Catarina where the company has become one of the most important providers of news and social justice campaigns in the area. Grupo RBS was formed with the aim of bringing the best in news, education, and entertainment to the people of these states through its many different media outlets.

In order to create one of the best media organizations in South America, Grupo RBS recently underwent a structural change with the brand focusing on the development of different sectors of interest for the people of Brazil. The latest way of looking at the work of Grupo RBS sees the company divided into eight broad departments that are given responsibility for their own separate area of the brand. To know more about RBS visit

Under the leadership of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, often known as Duda, the Grupo RBS brand has been switching to a focus on the online content it has been developing for a number of years. The arrival of the online content of the Grupo RBS brand has been focused on attracting a new younger audience to the content produced using a youthful, vibrant approach to content production. The younger audience of Grupo RBS is catered to with the Digital Product Development Unit that works independently to the HSM brand that factors in many of the traditional media outlets of the Brazilian brand.

The RBS brand has been developing its social consciousness sector with a move towards helping as many people within the local communities of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol. The social consciousness of the Grupo RBS brand has been developing in conjunction with the Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Fund that adds to the charitable work being completed by the media company.,297812.jhtml