The Ignored Hindrance to Constitutional Transition

Every budding democracy always has to go through the complex process of drafting a working constitution to guide its operations. While constitutions are as old as democracy itself, they aren’t as easy to draft as anyone would want to believe. No one understands this better than Sujit Choundhry, the founding director of Center for Constitutional Transitions.

According to Mr Choundhry, modern day issues that need be addressed in a constitution tap into a knowledge that is either non-existent, outdated or incomplete. The absence of up to date facts that can be applied in the constitutional advice process will either lead to serious mistakes or force committees to create and test a constitution in real time. The result is a potentially volatile and definitely expensive process that sit heavy on these budding democracies.

The Center for Constitutional Transitions focuses on gathering knowledge needed to draft a constitution before working with international stakeholders to come up with evidence-based rules that are the very framework by which legislators can create new rules to steer and starting democracy or a reforming community to success.  Important articles on

Over time, Mr. Choundhry has learned that things will not always end up as you set them to. This has taught him to accept the fact perfection could easily turn into your enemy if you are not flexible enough. He embraces the fact that setbacks will always exist in this line of work and all involved parties should be more than willing to roll back and find a working solution to the problem in the shortest time possible.  For more related articles, hit this

About Sujit Choundhry

Sujit Choundhry is not only wide read but also wide traveled. He is an immigrant with law degrees

from three different countries. The fact that he has legal and political knowledge accrued from diverse regions gives him the right perspective to handle different projects without bias or a fixed mind.  For updates of Sujit timeline activities, head over to

Sujit Choundhry is a I. Michael Heyman law professor and an internationally accredited personality in comparative constitutional law. His knowledge has played a vital role in building Constitution in regions like Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, South Africa and Nepal.  Head over to for more reading.

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