The Impact Of Telehealth, According To Jack Plotkin

Jack PlotkinIt’s not always easy trying to get to the doctor’s office for your annual physical but nowadays you no longer have to thanks to the advent of telehealth. As Jack Plotkin says, the whole concept is being able to consult with your doctor without having to be in the same room as them. Back in the day, they had to do it over the phone and the doctor had to diagnose it based on the scarce amount of information they had been given by their patient. As you might imagine, this did not always work well but it has gotten easier nowadays because of wearable health technology such as smartwatches and the rise of modern innovation. The devices they have now can transmit your health stats wirelessly to your doctor so they can examine the results.

This may seem like a convenient method for many patients but it’s not particularly easy for doctors as they don’t always have access to their patient’s medical records that they need to diagnose them. The nurses too also find themselves with a lack of access to the EMRs that they often need to assist their patients. Of course, this may soon be changing thanks to virtual health. Set to launch within the next year or so, this new platform will attempt to amalgamate the current medical records with the rest of the medical database making it easier for them to access whatever files they need. However, Jack Plotkin is concerned about the rising costs.

Jack PlotkinMedicare and Medicaid won’t subsidize these procedures and many insurance companies have also refused to cover it as well. So it’s currently only a procedure for the wealthy and elite but he remains confident that it will become the new norm one day. So we’ll wait and see.

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