The “It” factor when it comes to solving financial problems; Equity First Holdings

Equity First Holdings is one of the largest lending institutions in the world. The firm is known for providing unique product when it comes to solving economic issues. The company has been seen to adopt the attraction of stock-based loans and margin loans. The products from the firm have come in a time when banks have been seen to make their lending rules and regulations strict for any loan borrower. For borrowers who do not qualify for bank loans, Equity Holdings is their preferred choice.

According to the founder and CEO of Equity First Holding, Al Christy, individuals who seek for working capital may choose from margin loans or stock-based loans as their best option. Stock-based loans are seen to have large benefits than margin loans since they provide higher loans to value ratio. Margin loans on the other hand have fixed interest rate which is used as an advantage of confidence throughout the transactions.

The stock-based loans have been known to give a hedge especially during economic crises that are seen to lower the borrower’s risks. This loan has also been known for being non-resourceful which allows the borrower to walk from the loan at any given time even in cases of depreciation. This allows the borrower to retain the first earnings of the loans without any commitment to the financier. In margin loans, the borrower is expected to be per-qualified, and the money borrowed used for a particular purpose.The firm is committed to offering competent solutions. It is also dedicated to providing unique solutions to investors and also provides supply liquidity at affordable terms in a safe and obvious procedure. The firm was founded in 2002 and over the years been seen to grow and develop tremendously completing more than seven hundred transactions. Their mission has always been to contribute definite financial advantages to their clients while still offering moderate risk to allow their customers realize their financial and personal goals.