The Sports Career of Russell Gimelstob

Born and raised in New Vernon, New Jersey, a man destines to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an athlete. That man is none other than Russell Gimelstob. Throughout his entire life he had a passion for sports much similar to his father. He started off his sports career at Newark Academy playing tennis. At Newark Academy Russell Gimelstob broke several records which one included being the youngest tennis player in school history to be name a captain as a sophomore. He continued to further improve his ambition by spending two of his off seasons training at the home of Robert Lanadorp, Palos Verdes, California. This was a huge honor considering Landadorp’s prestige notoriety, having to work with famous people such as Tracey Austin and Pete Sampras. Plenty other people wanted to work with Russell Gimelstob but he graciously declines to focus on his academic studies. Shortly down the road he did take up an offer for the NCAA-maximum five paid recruitment trips where he used one at Cornell, where he ends up meeting Cornell Men’s Varsity Team’s Coach, Barry Shoemaker. Being given the opportunity to work with Barry Shoemaker was among the main reasons Russell Gimelstob chosen Cornell. He ends up graduating Cornell 2002, obtaining an M.P.A., he also had a distinction of a B.A. the year prior.

Fast forward to a little over a decade later, Russell Gimelstob was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame. Russell Gimelstob received his Hall of Fame induction at the 2013 Boys Varsity basketball game against Glen Ridge, during the halftime segment of the game. This prestigious award can easily be noted as the top award accreditation of Russell Gimelstob’s sports career. Going from leading his college Tennis team to three championships back in the mid-90s to being inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside other notable athletes; Russell’s sports background is definitely an impressive one indeed.