TMS Gets Lifted from Entrapping Red Tape by Investor Ara Chackerian

The medical world is awash in start up companies. Tiny little organizations that focus on the future of healthcare. Some of them promise a new, edgy type of medical treatment. These treatments are meant to broaden the horizons of medicine, to take medical treatment in to the future, and forge a better quality of life. Others get a little more technical and simply offer a better form of current technology, one that is faster, better, and has the ability to detect more. TMS is the former of these, and it promises great things for the world of mental health.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, is a new type of treatment that uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate the human brain. The way it works is a coil that generates electro magnetic fields, is placed near the head of a person. The coil connects to pulse generator and delivers electric current to a small region of the brain. The current stimulates that region allowing practitioners to take measurements, and also perform treatment. So far it has been proven to be effective in reducing neuropathic pain and treating major depressive disorder, but it could also be beneficial for other conditions as well. Check out Medium to see more.


The treatment is still in its early stages so most medical organizations do not use it. Dr. Richard Bermudas is a huge advocate, and has been using the treatment in his practice since 2008. Unfortunately he was never able to really focus on the treatment because of all he medical red tape. That is when Ara Chackerian got involved. Chackerian is a entrepreneur, investor, and manager for ASC Capital Holdings. He is a master of his craft and now shares his success with others through investments and philanthropic works. He has provided funding to many early-stage medical start-up companies, and upon meeting Dr. Bermudas became very interested in TMS.


There are now seven TMS facilities operating in San Francisco and Sacramento, serving a wide variety of healthcare plans. Ara Chakerian is the co-founder and sitting board member for TMS Solutions along with Dr. Bermudas. Now that the red tape is gone, the full implications of TMS can be fully explored.



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