Understanding Comparative Law

Comparative law is the study of likenesses and contrasts between the legal systems of different countries. Also, it may encompass the evaluation of foreign laws without carrying out the exact comparison. With the advent of modernization, the necessity of conducting comparative law study has soared considerably.

Though it has been on the rise of late, the comparative law was not discovered recently. Its origins can be traced back to the 18th century. Historians have dug out comparative law literature that was written as early as 1748. It is reported that the subject was first offered as a course in the Oxford University in 1869.

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The primary objective of the comparative law is to gain a deeper understanding of the legislation under study. Also, by examining different legal frameworks, experts are able to create impeccable laws through conducting legal transplants. Moreover, the ultimate purpose of this studies is to one day achieve a universal legal system.  Check this.

Nowadays, more countries are conducting trade with each other. To formulate immaculate trade pacts, there needs to be a common legal understanding between the countries in the deal. By comparing laws, professionals are able to iron out inconsistencies that may prove to be a stumbling block in the bilateral deal. Furthermore, acquainting with foreign legal systems has assisted international bodies in articulating truce between conflicting nations.  To read related articles, click crunchbase.com.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a respected personality in the field of comparative law. He is recognized for his relentless endeavors towards bringing peace to areas that hitherto experienced violent conflicts. He has also contributed to the constitution making process in various nations, including Egypt, Jordan, and Nepal.

Based on en.wikipedia.org, Sujit is a Canadian-born Indian citizen. He boasts of excellent academic credentials, possessing a BSc. from McGill University as well as a BA from the University of Oxford. Sujit acquired his law degree from the University of Toronto. He later pursued a Master’s degree in Law from the famous Harvard Law School. As of now, Sujit Choudhry, a law professor at University of California, Berkeley. In his illustrious career, he has authored several books, including The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitution-Making and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies.

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