What Is Different About Glen Wakeman’s Business Work?

Glen Wakeman has devoted his entire career to starting and growing businesses by lending not only his expertise, but providing coaching and live seminars to explain what a business should do to stay sustainable. He did this under the corporate guidance of General Electric’s banking company for many years, but now he’s doing it under his own business auspices as Chairman of Launchpad Holdings. This business is focused on turning small startups into thriving companies by providing information on how to attract and secure funding for growth, see more. Glen Wakeman once explained to Ideamensch why he wanted to start this company.

Glen Wakeman told Ideamensch that all too often people don’t understand the real difference between a business idea or model and a real actual business plan, refer also to linkedin.com. He also felt there needed to be a more affordable SAAS solution out there by which people could learn about these business solutions. Most of his daily schedule involves planning sales and meeting with clients, and concludes with reviewing financials. Wakeman says the biggest trend that he’s looking forward to is cognitive learning such as what’s happening with IBM’s Watson program, learn more here. He utilizes five areas of business building in executive leadership, human capital, business execution, governing policies and risk management.

Glen Wakeman got his business bachelor’s degree from the University of Scranton and finished his master’s at the University of Chicago, try this link. He got into business development while starting out at GE Capital and managed several P&L companies out of its various branches. He traveled around the world opening up businesses in six different countries and also became the founder and CEO of Nova Four, a venture capital investment firm. He founded Launchpad holdings around 2015 and has also served as an executive advisor for two startups Sitterbees and Dreamfunded. He also has a certification in Six Sigma Black Belt.

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